Castellgalí is a small village situated south of Manresa, between the populations of Sant Salvador de Guardiola, Sant Vicenç de Castellet, Castellbell i el Vilar and Marganell. It treats of a full municipality of history and culture that explains at present with a population of around the 2.000 inhabitants delivered in a territory of 17,2km2.


The term divides in different cores of population. To the centre, finds the ancient core, where reside good part of the castellgalinencs. Well near and a bit more to the east, heaves since does a twentieth of years the urbanisation Mas Planoi, and more to the south, has located the neighbourhood of the Factory of can Carné. They complete the list of cores aggregated, the suburbs of Boades and The Tower of the Breny, both at the side opposed of the river Llobregat; and the Torrents, to the northeast of the municipality.